Our dining room is open weekdays for evening meals and 7 days a week for breakfast.

  • fully licensed
  • private and comfortable
  • continental or cooked breakfast
  • entree and main meals
  • desserts and coffee
  • serves local fresh fish
  • room service available


Dinner Menu

Order from 6.30pm - 8.30pm. Dining room closes at 10pm.


Soup of the day | Garlic bread   8
Creamy garlic prawns   18
Vegetable spring rolls   12


Served with pepper, mushroom or Diane sauce.

T-bone or Porterhouse   35
Surf 'n' turf - Porterhouse with creamy garlic prawns   45
Pan-fried with tomato, capsicum & grilled cheese   38

Fresh Local Fish

Grilled or pan-fried & served on rice.

Topped with creamy garlic prawns   *
Topped with tomato, capsicum & grilled cheese   *

*Market prices, please ask when ordering.


Creamy chicken & vegetable fettuccine   26
Spaghetti bolognese with beef schnitzel   26

Pan-fried Chicken

Served on rice.

Fillet topped with tomato, bacon & grilled cheese   33
Breast filled with blueberries & camembert with a white wine sauce   31
Fillet topped with peppercorn sauce   30

Stir-fried Noodles

With vegetables   20
With vegetables & beef or chicken   25
With Vegetables & prawns   30


Green salad   7
Steamed vegetables   7
Chipped potato   5


Sticky date pudding   10
Banana split   10
Apple pie   10
Ice cream sundae   8

Drinks Menu

Tea & Coffee

Coffee or hot chocolate   4
Pot or plunger - Small   10
Pot or plunger - Large   15

Cool Drinks

Sparkling mineral water   5
Ginger beer, dry ginger ale   4.5
Lemon, lime & bitters   4.5
Soda water, tonic water   4.5
Lemonade, lemon squash   3.5
Coke, diet coke   3.5

Spirits & Liqueurs

50ml Miniatures - $9.50 each

Jack Daniels
Johnny Walker Red
Jim Beam, Bundaberg Rum
Gordons Gin
Smirnoff Vodka
Southern Comfort
St Agnes Brands


Corona, Crown Lager   7.5
Hahn Superdry   7.5
Hahn Superdry (3.5)   6.5
Victoria Bitter   7

Sparkling & White Wine

Henkell Troken Sparkling 750ml   29
Henkell Troken Piccolo 200ml   10
Brown Hill Sauvignon Blanc   22
By the glass   8

Red Wine

Brown Hill Shiraz   22
Brown Hill Cabinet Sauvignon   22
By the glass   8

For other wines from the Captain's cellar, please ask the front desk.